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The gas stations will be located in parking lots or parking lots of Sam’s Club, Walmart and Bodega Aurrera.

Walmart will begin the first stage of gas station operations in the states of Tabasco, Nuevo León, Veracruz and Estado de México in the coming weeks.

In this first phase, the company will have six gas stations in their Sam’s Club, Walmart and Bodega Aurrerá business formats, which will be located within the plazas or in the parking lots of the stores and clubs.

“Now, in a single stop you can go to our stores and clubs to buy the merchandise you want, as well as refueling safely, reliably and at a very competitive price,” said Gabriela Buenrostro, deputy director of Corporate Communication at Walmart de México. Central America.

According to the company, the gas stations have been built under the highest standards of safety and quality, and according to the guidelines indicated by the corresponding regulatory authorities.
In addition to gasoline, Walmart one login recently entered the sale of LP gas, specifically in stores of the State of Mexico.

The retail company is not the only one in the gasoline business. Soriana and the Hidrosina group inaugurated their first service station in San Luis Potosí in December 2017. In that same state, the Costco chain opened its first gas station.

Since 2017, more than 40 brands have appeared in our country. Since then, they have snatched 20% of the market, with a value of 440,000 mdp per year from the Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) franchise.
However, the parastatal company still maintains the distribution business and only a couple of firms are able to sell fuel other than Pemex.

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