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Google has developed a line of digital media players that are known as Chromecast. This can be used for your smart television which has the feature of being able to get casted. How to use chromecast on tv and other devices. This affordable dongle lets you cast your content on your television wirelessly.

Some of the cast enabled apps will include:

  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • HBO Now
  • Hulu
  • Google photos
  • YouTube
  • Angry Birds with Friends

What are the things that a Chromecast can do?

  • The virtual reality experience: this is such an amazing experience, with a headset and a Chromecast you can easily send what the headset has on to the television. Make sure your phone and the Chromecast are on the same wi-fi and you also will need a Google Home App for the casting.
  • Adapt for a change: this device is so useful when it comes to casting youtube or similar apps from your mobile to the television but this will require a strong wi-fi network but not everyone has this. But no worries! Google comes with an Ethernet adapter for Chromecast.
  • Its game time: Chromecast can be used to play some games with your family. Download the game on your mobile device and get it cast on your television.
  • Customize it as per your choice: you can select your own pictures which you have on your phone or you could choose any other image of your choice to get the background customized.
  • Your command centre: your home screen of the Chromecast can be converted into a widget central with the help of the dashboard cast, which enables you to add calendar, weather, clock and much more.
  • The photo finish: you can get your photos easily casted from your android or iOS device to your television.
  • Turn your television into your DJ: all you need is the Google Music app, which enables you to cast your music from your android or iOS device to your television and thus giving you such a lively DJ experience.
  • The quiet time mode: you want to watch something on the television but do not want to disturb the others who are in the room then all you got to do is download Local cast for your android and then plug in your earphone while watching the big screen.

What are the advantages of the ChromeCast?

  • It is available at an amazing price
  • Its plugin and set up is so simple. There is no need for an HDMI cable.
  • It has a very portable design
  • It’s more compatible and it works on both the iOS and the Android device
  • Your Chrome browser can be mirrored by Chromecast from any computer.
  • It can be controlled by several devices
  • Its new in the market so there can be a lot of expansion and new improvements that can be expected from it over time.
  • With its unique technology, it can free up your device while getting streamed

This is how Chromecast is making a change in the world of entertainment.


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