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If you are a game lover and looking for free downloads of the games, then tutuapp can be of great help. Tutuapp is very common now and it is a Chinese app store. Here one can get the free version of the different application and the games too.

Primarily it was not so much popular. As it was developed by the Chinese, so only the Chinese language was supported. But that was not understood by the foreigners. Hence to make it more popular around the world, more languages came with it. Then slowly people came to know about it and start using it. Many people also term this app as the bunny assistant or the magical app. This is due to the small bunny which is being used in the app as its monogram.

Two different versions of the tutuapp are available: one is the tutu app regular which is available free of cost and the other one is the tutu app VIP which is a paid version. These two versions are available for Android, PC and iOS devices too. It can be easily downloaded at any of this operating systems.

TUTUapp VIP service

Now we will help you know about the tutu app in a different aspect.

Tutuapp VIP is obviously a VIP service to the users. It has a lot of games and apps which can be easily downloaded. But to become such a member, you have to subscribe to the tutuapp apk on yearly basis. With such a paid version, one can get each and every download free of any cost. It is just USD12.99. Thus who will not want to make use of this feature of the VIP version? Well everyone will and will get the right operation of the tutuapp.

But recently few problems have been seen with the tutuapp VIP too. Let’s discuss them.

Sometimes it gets an issue with the download process. But this is an error which can be easily solved by some simple steps. Only you have to get knowledge about the main reason behind the issue. The common ones are the incompatible OS version, unusual web browsers and many more. Thus it is better to find out the main points and then work on it. This would help to get the service more smoothly and easily. To get the solution, check the different solution which is available on the internet. This would surely help you to solve the problem and get it used properly.

What is the redeem code?

Now have you heard about the tutuapp VIP redeem code?

If no, then know about it as it is an attractive thing which can give you something more about it.

A redeem code is more like a gift card which is being connected with the website or the app. The code which is given can be used to get some unexpected rewards from the concerned website or the app. Many apps are having such a redeem code and similarly, the tutuapp is also having such codes. It is easily available through the redeem code page and it can also be bought. Thus send your friend the tutuapp to redeem code as a gift and make them avail the discount or the redemption that is bought.

If you are lucky enough and get these codes, then use this code to get the VIP application. The VIP version r the Pro version can get the right thing for you. It has a lot of things in a store of it. If you want your friend to get the VIP one, then gift them the VIP redeem code and be a VIP member absolutely free of any cost.

How to use the code?

This is one of the best options to be a VIP member. This is because you don’t have to pay any cost to get the VIP membership. Moreover, you don’t have to jailbreak this application to make use of it. If you are looking for the redeem code then visit the official website of the app. The code has to be downloaded and then used. There is no other better way to make use of it and get all the free services too. So enjoy the VIP version of the tutuapp with just redemption code and get a new world unlocked.

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