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shopAmozzo Interion Design is a company that focusses on the creation of style elements for your home or office. We create modern furniture, lamps, large print and many other items with design at its base. Amozzo is an initiative of Derek Durgaram who is the owner of Green Media, a Design Agency located in Curacao. After years of being active in the Media Branch as a Art Director/Graphic Designer, he started experimenting with furniture design. This hobby became more serious over the years. Amozzo was initiated in september 2014 as a company that produces his creations. The main goal of the company is on creating custom furniture and large format prints for clients.

derek_durgaram_amozzo_2016With my own vision on art and home decor I want to inspire people around me to create their own personalized living or working space that reflects their identity. A space they can truly call their own, detached from what is seen as normal or that is expected.  This process started in my own house and office and is still in development.
I want to think with my clients to introduce new shapes and colors in their environment with a modern and stylish look. I will concentrate on what is named the art or design factor in this process. A new balance can be created between what was and has to come, between what is seen as modern and conventional.vision_quote2


Imagine Fine Arts is a partners company. Imagine Fine Art concentrates on Picture framing and custom CNC cuttings. With this company a cooperation was established to better service clients. At one address pictures can be printed, framed and stretched. Also custom wood panels can be designed and cut with a CNC-machine in one place.

Amozzo works with local artists, photographers and carpenters to be able to produce a width range of creations. Together with his brother architect Michael Durgaram the design of larger interior Design projects can be realized. Michael has many years of experience in the field of refurbishment of offices and homes in Curacao and the Netherlands. If your project needs modeling and 3D renderings, his company can provide that.

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