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Now you will get many friends of you to use the latest networking technologies like Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi is not cheap now a day, then you can use this technology for your home or office. You need a router if you want to set up the Wi-Fi networking technology in your area. Wireless Routers including Linksys, D Link, TP-Link and ASUS.

You can easily Access Router Admin page using this IP Address in your browser. This is not so difficult to establish the internet like Wi-Fi. You just order a router from the online store and choose a router what suits well for your area. If you use a smartphone or any smart gadget, then you can use Wi-Fi. Because in all of the latest devices, you will get the Wi-Fi technology to use. IP address Username and Password

From the Amazon or such online stores, you can order a router. This device is not so expensive. So, you can order it easily. There are different brands or routers and networking devices available but you must buy a router from the popular brand. You will get best supports and very good performance for using the brand products. In the popular brand list of the routers, you will get TP-link, D-Link, Netgear etc. You can choose any model of those brands of routers. Customer care support after sells is a very important issue what you cannot ignore.

Configuration the device is a very important thing to set up the settings. You need to connect the networking device with the computer by the cable or without the cable. In every router box, you will get a manual and some paper what contain with many information and you need to read all of that instruction for the configuration the device with the computer. Later, you have to set up the settings internally. This is why you need to login to the access panel of the router which is called as an application of the router. For login to the router, you need to use the default IP address, username, and password.

Use a browser for login to the router. The browser is an application and you need to use this application for login to the router. On the browser address bar, you have to use the IP address and you will find many routers and networking devices to use an IP address or if your router uses different IP address, then you can setup in the router. Later, I will talk about the IP address but for now, we can assume that your router uses the IP address as default. if you face any issue to fix 192.168.l.254 error, then you are at right place.

Now the default IP address will be typed in the browser address bar and press on the Enter button and type the username with a password in the form of login. Now click on the Login button and login to the access centre of the router. When you have logged in the router, then you set up internet settings in the router. After internet settings in the router, you have to add much important information that is also important and Wi-Fi security is such a very important thing. You should read the manual before setting up everything properly.

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