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In the latest news from Microsoft it is said to acquire Minecraft for $2.5 billion, previously Microsoft has invested on Xbox gaming platform and now it has taken a step ahead to attract mobile users by acquiring this game from Mojang. The deal will be finalized later this year 2014.

The game has already got 100 million downloads on PC. Since 2009 its been a very popular game in Xbox and it is one of the top paid app on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems. Microsoft comments that the game will be available for all platforms like Xbox, IOS, Android, PlayStation, and PC. Microsoft hopes this move could possibly be a key one considering the upcoming Microsoft Mobiles and the Most Awaited OS, Windows 9.

As we know that Microsoft invested nearly $7 billion to acquire the telecom business of Nokia in April, but people were more attracted towards Apple and Google’s Android operating systems. Razer synapse not working windows 10 To challenge the Tech giants, Microsoft is approaching different moves. Minecraft being a very popular game in the United States and selling more than 50 million copies, Microsoft is hoping to get along with something popular, stable and new to the world.

Microsoft’s Minecraft Acquirement

This is not a big deal for the technology giant, but the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella thinks Minecraft could bring some fortune and has several plans to it, as it was his move to buy the Minecraft Developer in the first place.

Everybody knows the fact that Microsoft is far behind in reaching the people through Smartphones because many apps and games provided by other competitors such as Google’s Android and Apples IOS operating systems are developed rapidly and are of high quality. But the apps and games for Windows phone have yet to reach a demand to produce such quality which can only happen with the viral sale of Windows Phones.

If Microsoft wants the game only to be played on their hardware devices then we should be surprised to see the Tech Giant owning a game to drag the users to Windows Phones. But considering the possibility, people are not that stupid to buy a smartphone just for playing a game. So, we just have to wait and see what we have got until the official deal is made.

We hope Minecraft shall bring a fruitful result for Microsoft for coming the financial year 2015 and we wish them all the good luck.

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